Merrill’s personnel are trained to effectively provide critical security and protection services for individuals and facilities. Whether at home, work conference or traveling abroad Merrill’s security detail is trained to protect you and your family from threats of violence, harassment or invasion of privacy. Our security experts provide critical support to your company for protection of both building and personnel. 
Merrill's security and personal protection specialists routinely serve corporate executives, celebrities, government leaders, and other high-profile individuals who find themselves in situations that require a high degree of personal protection.
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Merrill's is experienced in providing security and protection services for individuals and facilities in times of great stress. In your home, at a press conference or at an overseas meeting, Merrill's personnel are trained to make sure you and your family are safe and insulated from attempted invasions of privacy, threats of violence, harassment or other targeted acts of terror.
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Merrill’s also offers long term facility protection and security management. We protect high risk targets on a daily bases to ensure the safety of all employees, management, and facility. We guard against everything from disgruntled employees to workplace theft. No site is too large or too small for Merrill’s. Have peace of mind knowing that our security experts are protecting your most valuable assets.
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